About Staying with Us

At the Flying Leap, it's all about comfort.  Whether you're in Elora on vacation, a business trip, a reunion, a family affair or educational reasons, we want to make you feel welcome and at home.  You are the reason we're here and we appreciate the fact that you chose to stay with us!  

In the mornings you will be tantalized by the aromas wafting out of our kitchen; baking is our specialty and we'll treat you to flavourful delights.  Gluten-free is not a problem as our repertoire of almond and coconut flour dishes continues to grow.  Every morning fruits and yogurt will be available when you arrive in the dining room, along with various cereals.  Help yourself before the hot dish of the day arrives, and there's always some sort of baked treat for dessert.    

You can choose to dine either in the formal dining room or on our enclosed three-season sun porch with its bistro chairs.  Imagine yourself reading a good book while enjoying a second cup of coffee in our sunroom that has seen life stroll by for more than a century!

Are you a threesome?  As we used to travel as a trio, we know how difficult it can be to find a B&B that can accommodate three!  Speak with us (the sooner the better).

While you're here, enjoy using our parlour and dining room, great for sitting as a group sharing a bottle of wine or for an evening of cards after taking part in a curling bonspiel!


For everyone's comfort, the entire house is centrally heated and air conditioned and WIFI is available throughout.  The mini fridge, Keurig coffee machine with enviro-friendly re-usable k-cups (which also makes tea and hot chocolate), plates, mugs, cutlery, etc... in the dining area are for your convenience, please do make use of them.  There's also a cork screw, and in your room you'll find glasses with a container of water.    


Rainy outside or time for a little relaxing?  Our house is over-loaded with books, over 600 titles!  Enjoy them!  (And if you want to finish one at home, just let us know and you can mail it back to us please.)  To the right of the fireplace in the parlour  you'll find a number of games to enjoy (ever played "Gloom" or "Hit-the-Deck"?). 

(Sorry, no TV).

And please make use of our tourism information materials, gathered in our sunroom so you can easily plan your day or learn more about your destination.  Need a map?  Just ask!



We're proud to be members of the 
Fergus Elora Bed and Breakfast Association.

and BBCanada.


Your Hostesses: a mother-daughter-canines team!

Our Bed and Breakfast dream began in 2003 when we moved to Stratford, Ontario.  One thing led to another, as so often happens in life, and the security of a regular, paying job lured us away from our original goal.  Then, in 2014, the comfy job turned very sour and it was finally the right time to take a flying leap!  And so we did! 

After scouting west to Leamington and Rondeau, then heading east to Prince Edward County, we came to see that the Elora/Fergus area was best and, as fate would have it, a guest house that we'd previous stayed in came on the market. 
It was love, and 249 Geddes became ours in early August, 2014.


I'm the backbone of the Waschinski family, running the household operations and keeping everything on track.  Groceries, paying bills, laundry, etc... are all my contributions and I enjoy serving you your coffee and breakfast and making sure everything is turning out just right.  

As I am originally from Germany, we can chat in German if you like.

Here I am on Mill Street during Monster Month with one of artist Tim Murton's paper and fabric maché creatures!



I'm doing my best work in the kitchen and enjoy perfecting new recipes for you to enjoy.  I'm also the business part of the Bed and Breakfast so it's usually me who answers the phone and emails.  I'm also the one who cleans the rooms and makes everything sparkle and shine!

  Art is in the baking and in the blood:  as a soft sculpture artist, I'm thrilled to be able to share my work with you, and also parts of my collection.  You can see my soft sculpture critters in the house and also online at http://www.scratchingatthewindow.com .  I'm also a Hallowe'en enthusiast and October is always a special time.

To read more about my art, please click here for an article that appeared in START Stratford.     

I'm photographed here in 2011 on the Elora Centre for the Arts grounds which hosted the Twilight Zoo, Tim Murton's incredibly spooky works of art.



Since 2006, this Australian Cattle Dog mix has been the star of the Waschinski family.  She loves exploring, treats, rolling in the grass or snow and supervising her humans.  Never one to pass up a walk, she can show you where all the best trails lead.  She loves other Aussies but is choosy about which dogs she'll warm up to, although she passionately hates cats. Ah well, she can't be perfect!  She's also a huge Jumpy fan.



Zorro joined the family in September 2018.  He's from the streets of Mexico, where he found his way into a shelter and then came to Canada through the kind hands of Helping Paws Foundation.  We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have Zorro in our lives and he continues to impress us with his street-smarts, eagerness to learn and (most importantly) ability to avoid Willow's moody side!    



The Flying Leap Bed and Breakfast
249 Geddes Street,  Elora, Ontario  N0B 1S0

226-369-0376 or karen[at]theflyingleap.com


Taking the Leap!